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July 16, 2016



I gave the trans movement a chance. I heard what they had to say, I did the research, but in the end, it just didn't hold up. The most common thing they'll tell you is that they were "born in the wrong body." If you ask "who's to say it's wrong?" Then, they claim that they have a female brain in a male body or a male brain in a female body, because they "feel" that way. How they even know what the opposite sex "feels" like is beyond me. The scientific research on transsexuals doesn't support the mismatched brain assertion, either. A transwoman's brain is male and while a transman's brain has male features, it still isn't completely male, and neither is the rest of their body. Then, you get the faulty equivalence arguments of "well, an XXY man is still considered male" -- well, yes, because of majority rule. *Most* of him is male. It's only that one part of him that isn't. But, in the case of transsexuals, it's the opposite way around -- most of them is their original sex.

So, I'm not for it anymore. It's clear to me that it's a mental illness, particularly because you can't change your sex. Seriously. They call it "sex change" surgery or "sex reassignment" surgery, but that's not even what it does. Sex is biologically about what gametes you produce (for men, it's sperm; for women, it's eggs). Surgery doesn't give a trans person that. It doesn't even always get rid of their original sex organs (seriously -- did you hear about the so-called "pregnant man"?). At the very most, it just creates the appearance of the opposite sex. But, it's just a rough approximation.

They also repeatedly show a lack of understanding for men's and women's issues -- revealing just how innately out of the loop they are. For instance, there was a transwoman who took legal action against a women's rape clinic for not allowing them to be a counselor there. This person left their job at a trans-inclusive clinic and moved to a non-inclusive one, and took legal action when they said that they didn't feel comfortable having someone who only transitioned to being a woman in their 30s trying to counsel women who need more first-hand understanding than that. This person took legal action for a decade (seriously). The clinic had to spend tens of thousands of dollars to defend themselves -- money which could've gone to help rape victims. But, instead, it went to fight the entitlement of a person who, regardless of the work they had done, obviously doesn't have women's best interests in mind.

So, while I started out being open to the idea, I'm no longer open at all. I find the practice of lying to others about their biology to be manipulative and cruel. And, personally, I want a home sex-typing test that will allow anybody to sex-type their lover to make sure that they're the sex they want to be sleeping with -- because you cannot even trust these people to tell you (and that's just wrong).

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