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July 24, 2012



Sports has become like the WWE. It is about drama and entertainment. It doesnt help that most pro athletes are narcissistic and immature.
I cannot stand espn with its over hype of the nba. When the Detroit tigers beat swept the yankees all I saw was speculation on A rod.

Unfortunately, it will never get better only worse.

Chuck E.

Thank you! I've reached the same conclusion about ESPN a while back.
In my view, ESPN talking-heads are terminal adolescents who sensationalize their favorite teams and athletes and over-focus on the personal and theatrical at the expense of sports.
Other than the ex-athletes, the rest are just failed journalists. Notice how the non-ex-athletes among them love to remind everyone that they were English majors in college.
Funny they should end-up as dopey sports-media personalities.

Keith helsel

We all know now , why ESPN crammed the SEC down our throats, because they own the SEC network. I hate this channel they have destroyed sports in this country. If I was Tim Tebow I would sue the socks off of this network. They are nothing but another arm of the liberal media pretending to be a sports network. One last thought if they are sooooo upset about violence against women in the NFL why don't they stop taking advertising during the NFL games they show? Because llibs are greedy liars! Do as they want stop watching all football and see how fast these money hungry libs change their tone.

Alan Kostyshak

Hey Keith,
If liberals are so greedy, then why have they helped enact some of these laws since 1900? Marshall Plan, GI Bill, SBA, FTC, FDA, 40 hr work week, overtime pay, to name a few.


It's all garbage when it's all driven by advertising. You can't even watch a game anymore due to the LCD screens on the sidelines distracting every moment with advertising. I wish a pro athlete would stand up and say I'm not playing until they turn this crap off and let the people watch the game. I've stopped watching it all.

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