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June 24, 2009



you've been brain washed as well...

Abe Van Luik

This was brought to my attention recently by someone who thinks you have spoken truth.

I have several problems with what you asserted, however. How is it that this claimed apparition changed the world but the other 99%, live encounters, did not? Could it be that Paul crafted a new religion that was paplatable to his Roman audience by throwing out the vestiges of Judaism that Jesus was defending and living? Read the Bible, it tells you Jesus defended the same law that Paul disparaged.

You claim that all in the Bible is inspired, which makes God lack ethical principles in a very bad way given the allowances in that book for slavery, polygyny, patriarchy and even genocide.

One could and should interpret Paul's experience as being the same as Joseph Smith's experience. In fact the two are quite comparable. Both claimed interaction with Jesus and started hihgly successful new religions. Both created a lot of written material made into scripture by their followers.

Sorry, but I do not agree with you that only those who have sin issues and who do not read the Bible accuse Paul of never having met Jesus. If the person who taught him his religion was Jesus, then Jesus needs to explain to belivers why he taught things in his life that he found it necessary to repudiate through Paul after his death.


Who are you to say that slavery, polygamy, patriarchy and genocide are wrong? Are they wrong to you because your culture says that it is wrong? Who are you to question how God handles His creation? Who are you to claim that God is unethical because you do not agree with those things? Are you better than God? If you read His word(that is settled in heaven) He talks about people like you. It's okay because He also doesn't know you either.

Paul saw Jesus the only way that God can be seen. With the eyes of understanding.

Dick Farnsworth

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People people people I always heard Paul never saw Jesus & then today on August 27th 2012 I read it for myself on read it for yourself. Just go to the calender when you pull the site up & find this date,click on it,read the first 3 Psalms & go down to read the N.T. for the day. Paul states"Have I not met the Lord Jesus?" Go,all you who are so unable to see the Truth,go on & read it ALL for yourselves. If real believers don't warn the wicked then we are in trouble for not warning you,but if we who are the true believers tell you the Truth,then you are to blame if you refuse to change.
Our world is gasping for air. I see it as people with blinders running,chasing tails,cirlces & emptiness. There's no purpose for those outside of Christ other than their own sinful desires. We will soon all see. I'm so so so thankful the Lord gave me a chance to be His child! I was too living in nasty sins,then He just reached down & worked in my heart. It didn't happen overnight,but it can. Jesus saved me,praise the Lord! I would've been the one fighting for all the wrong things & ill tell you the truth of why everyone is. THEY ALL WANT TO BE ACCEPTED!! They believe if they just agree with all the sins they will be liked more & that is the heart of the issue. If people would just allow Christ to fill this emptiness.....
Then again some just aren't meant to be in Heaven I guess.


Did you meet Paul or Jesus? Obviously not. Then the claims he made have no validation. They hold no evidence and as such they are irrelevant.

Paul never met Jesus, sorry but he just simply and factually didn't...and I don't know why this is a bad thing, lots of people never met Jesus as he was only alive for a short amount of time. This doesn't mean that Paul was a bad person because he didn't meet him or anything, but he simply didnt know Jesus pesonally and didn't know him personally any better than I do, why is that a problem for some people? Do some people actually think he did? If so, how? Maybe a time machine or magic? Also, we live in a huge universe, or which we are a very very small part, why do some peopl think that we know wenough about this very complicated universe that we would actually be able to understand God and who God was and that God would actually be a person as God can probably do a lot better than taking the form of a very flawed human form, seems like a huge downgrade if u ask me...also who believes everything they read, especially a boom like the bible who was written by people that I have never met, seems pretty dumb to believe I something written by some stranger almost 2,000 years ago

Terry Mitchell

Luke said Paul had a Damascus road encounter with Jesus (read it for yourself in the book of Acts). What's not to believe about that? Why would he make that up?

Barry Hersh

The Bible is not perfect, yet is never wrong. Jesus is the only thing that was ever perfect. If you take each of the Gospel writers especially the synoptic writers they express different people being at certain events. Does this indicate that one or all are wrong? No! It's like 3 people witnessing a car wreck. Each will recount what they saw. Another factor is that each of the synoptic writers wrote to a different audience. Matthew the Jews, Mark the Romans, Luke the Greeks and John to anyone that would listen. Therefore they would report what they saw from the people they were observing and preaching to. Paul had an encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus. Not a physical encounter but an encounter with the Spirit of Jesus. Paul states he saw Jesus after the resurrection. This could have been in a dream or a vision or Christ resurrected may have visited Paul. In any event, Paul certainly saw Christ whether in reality or vision or dream. I certainly believe that Paul saw Jesus Christ and whether in person or in Spirit changed Paul's life and in my opinion made him the second most important Christian to ever live besides Jesus. Many do not like Paul, because he preaches the Gospel and preaches truth. Many sinners do not want to hear the truth yet they must if they are to receive the Salvation of Jesus Christ.

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