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March 15, 2007



sooo basically you listed all of could have saved time and just said "i don't like any tv personalities"... just saying.

Oh and JVM, should not be after Nancy Grace and Whoopi has nice placement.


I totally agree with Jane Velez Mitchell making the list. Her voice and whinning reporting are totally annoying. Nasty nasty. And who cares about her alcoholism? Doesn't she have any personal friend she can talk about her problems with? Or can she pay a pyschiatist? Or go to AA for attention it's free. She needs to stop mentioning it 25 times every hour and get over it. I don't care about her recovery.




I find it shocking that Nancy Grace was not listed as number 1, but of course... this is all according to the perception of the author. This is a very interesting list, though. Speaking of JVM . . . She does need to stop mentioning the fact that she is a recovering alcoholic. If it has been more than 5 years, and you are still sober... I think you can freaking stop talking about it. Other than that, I actually like her show. Albeit it is intense, but she did tone it down since she first aired, and she does let people talk as long as possible before she and her panel are getting chopped off by quick commercials. I think the reason why HLN exists is to have a more liberated format where the journalists are allowed and are probably encouraged to be very open to show a human side to news reporting. As they say.... You get the news w/ their view... lol


She is incredible, wonderful, exciting, and full of life.

I am one of the most prolific liars in this universe.


Jane, that is, I think Nancy is entertaining because she has talent and is informed, which pisses off psychologists and lawyers and other know-it-alls. She has an incredible talent for making them squirm'

Jane is simply a weak and pathetic nut whose "big issues" and challenges to change everything in this world is a bore. I think that her "meeting on the other side" is a psychotic suggestion that she is a freakin' goddess, the female jj

junie b jones

Decent list but a little too many people included. I would never put Jon Stewart on a list with annoying in the title. BTW, I don't find Colbert annoying either, but I guess I can see how someone might. Top 5 on my list right now would be Jane Velez Mitchell, followed by Nancy Grace (it's close) and third place goes to Oprah Winfrey. Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly would tie for fourth. It's a tough choice as all those I mentioned are tremendously annoying.

junie b jones

me again, now that I rethink- I must include Sean Hannity.


Where's Chris Cumo. That guys a total douche bag

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